Under Sheriff and Deputy, Shrievalty Clerk, Shrievalty Administrator

The Under Sheriff

Julian Archard

Tanners Solicitors LLP
Lancaster House
Thomas Street
Gloucestershire GL7 2AX
United Kingdom
Telephone: +44 (0)1285 659061

Email: JMA@tanners.co.uk


Deputy Under Sheriff

Nicholas Tanner

Tanners Solicitors LLP
As Above

The Shrievalty Clerk

The Shrievalty Clerk, Mrs Angie Leach, assists the High Sheriff and the Under Sheriff with regard to matters of the law and shrieval protocol. Her address and phone number are as for Tanners above. Her email address is: ALL@tanners.co.uk

The Shrievalty Administrator

Richard Dunnett, assists the High Sheriff in regard to all other matters including appointments, invitations, etc. His telephone number is 07982 409979. His email address is: admin@highsheriffgloucestershire.org