Duties and Responsibilities

High Sheriffs are responsible in the Counties of England and Wales for duties conferred by the Crown through Warrant from the Privy Council. The key objectives of the role include:

  • To uphold and enhance the ancient Office of High Sheriff and to make a meaningful contribution to the High Sheriff's County during the year of Office
  • To lend active support to the principal organs of the Constitution within their county - the Royal Family, the Judiciary, the Police and other law enforcement agencies, the emergency services, local authorities, and church and faith groups
  • To ensure the welfare of visiting High Court Judges, to attend on them at Court and to offer them hospitality
  • To support the Lord-Lieutenant on royal visits and on other occasions as appropriate
  • To take an active part in supporting and promoting the voluntary sector and giving all possible encouragement to the voluntary organisations within a County.

High Sheriffs are encouraged by The High Sheriffs' Association of England and Wales to undertake duties to improve and sustain the morale of personnel of voluntary and statutory bodies, particularly those engaged in the maintenance and extension of law and order and the entire criminal system. It is an independent non-political Office which enables the holder to bring together a wide variety of individuals and Office holders for the good of the community a High Sheriff serves. The High Sheriff has always been associated with keeping the Queen's Peace. For that reason, visits to all the various courts and agencies associated with the maintenance of Law and Order are very much part of the role together with an interest in the work of Magistrates, Coroners, juvenile and family courts, various forms of tribunal, the Police, Fire and Ambulance services and voluntary organisations.

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