The Gloucestershire Shrievalty

List of 21st Century High Sheriffs

2000-2001 - Major John Vickers Eyre DL
2001-2002 - Mrs. Jane Jenner-Fust DL
2002-2003 - Moger Woolley DL
2003-2004 - Mrs Deborah Hutton
2004-2005 - Simon Preston DL
2005-2006 - Michael Stone DL
2006-2007 - Alfred Cosier Morris DL
2007-2008 - Jonathan Carr
2008-2009 - Brian Thornton
2009-2010 - Anne Chambers
2010-2011 - Ceri Evans JP DL
2011-2012 - Mark Heywood
2012-2013 - Duncan Clegg
2013-2014 - The Hon. Hugh Tollemache


The history of 'The Shrievalty of Gloucestershire' is described in a ten page booklet written by David Smith a former Gloucestershire County and Diocesan Archivist. Copies are available from Gloucestershire Archives

The Gloucestershire Bailiwick

The territory covered by a High Sheriff is known as his bailiwick and for Gloucestershire this covers the administrative areas of Gloucestershire County Council and of South Gloucestershire District Council. Historically, the Shires (or Counties) of England were divided into 'hundreds' for purposes of administration, and Gloucestershire is still mapped in this way by GENUKI.